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Industrial Antiques - Time clocks  : All work, each clock is driven by an integrated master clock (click on photos to enlarge)  

Amaizing double faced railways station Lepaute with light Diameter 90 cm

Railways marshalling yard enameled Brillié diameter 63cm

Double face time clock 'International" 35cm with quartz motors.

Double faced ATO time clock lightened 48cm (quartz motors)

Double faced BAUDET railways station time clock lightened, 80 cm

Double faced ATO time clock lightened 48cm (mother clock)


Enameled church time clock face, diameter 115cm

ATO enameled face 52cm.

Railways station time clock,

lightened,  100cm diameter

Zinc Time clock "TEL Paris" Diameter 90 cm

Rare church facediameter 80cm

Railways station time clock. Iron.  63cm diameter

Rare Brillié wall clock Diameter 80 cm

Doule faced railways station clock, diameter72cm. Could be lightened.

Brillié Zinc time clock 65cm diameter original paint

Double faced Lepaute railways clock diameter 50cm with light possible.

Exceptional time clock

48 cm

Lepaute time clock,

aluminium cast iron 38cm

Charming 47cm diameter CHARVET office time clock

Very rare Brillié time clock cast iron diameter 63cm

Very rare XIXth century time clock, cast iron frame, 85cm

Brillié double faced time clock from sorting station 65cm

Brillié time clock circa 1970

ATO enameled face 52 cm

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