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Industrial furniture : a raw world, metal, design. That's what Zut! - Frédéric Daniel's Antiquité boutique - is all about.

Mine carts turned into coffee tables, cast iron factory workbenches converted into chests, army tables adapted for the house. As well as a selection of stools, studio chairs, racks, luminaries, wall lamps, enameled or ceramic hanging lamps, medical lampposts, old-time filmmaking lighting equipment, factory, train station or bell tower time clocks. Even wonders and curios : world-globes, écorchés, plaster casts. a pell-mell out of the ordinary. Pieces from factories, authentic bequest from 1900-1950. Heritage treasures from renowned names : Singer, Bienaise, Cremer, Lita, Gras, Buquet, Michelin, Strafor, Brillié, Ato, Lepaute, BBT, Scialytique, Ratp, Sncf. Items, reflections of past industrial times, all of them rehabilitated and bargain-hunted in antique and vintage fairs, flea and collector's markets, public auctions, or from merchants and also dealers in old iron.


In this website, lovers of timeless items will find their way through subtle metal and wood alloy, some atypical and sometimes incongruous pieces, which give interior design and decoration an unprecedented, tasteful and original touch.

If you are selling items, the contact page is there for you to send your photos and offers.

Enjoy antiquing!


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