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Located in Montmartre between the Theatre des Abbesses and the Bateau Lavoir - the modern art masters' mythical studio- Zut! boutique owes its boldfaced name (Zut! literally translated into Damn!) to an old-time café on Ravignan Street that Picasso enjoyed patronizing. After a brawl in 1903, this anarchist haunt was closed down by public order forces. Frédéric Gérard, its then owner, founded the famous « Lapin Agile » literary cabaret.

Today Zut! is the lair of the industrial items Frédéric Daniel has meticulously hunted out.

Train station time clocks, all of them operational and almost all with their original motors. Collectors lamps and renowned designers' creations. Metal furniture, from desks to bookcases, lockers to coffee tables. Zut! is also a den of wonders populated by 19th century écorchés, world-globes, plaster casts, cutlery molds and taxidermy beauties.

Heterogeneous and bizarre.

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